Update: 3
Added security system: Gates, Laser tripwires and Security lights.
Implemented One way doors, but they are not added into the game as of yet.
Added a title and small background showcase to the main menu.

This project started out as a simple project for Uni, but I've decided to make it into a nice little game and see how it goes with the community.

This game is a stealth/turn based game, similar in likes to chess. You end your turn and need to leave your character in a safe place to avoid detection, being trapped or locked in on a security lockdown. The game heavily revolves around turns, and you share your turns with the enemy.

There is only one gamemode so far with more on the way, along with new content, so stay tuned!

I've included a web build for your convenience if you don't want to download any files.

Install instructions

Web builds can be played in your browser and you can also download a build for windows. Please note that the web build is more for testing purposes and if you just can't be bothered downloading it. :P

To run a windows build, extract the skeletongame.exe and skeletongame_data to an empty folder and run the exe. You can select a resolution and quality setting from the menu that pops up and click play.

Runs best on 16:9 screen resolutions. Other resolutions may cause UI or other objects to not appear on screen.

Also worth mentioning is that the Reset <F3> does not work in browser and the Developer Cheat <T> only works for Unity Editor.  :P


Skele_Ton.zip 35 MB