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This project is an essay in the form of a video game. I'm submitting it because I want to show off some of the crazy and creative ideas I get. This is one of them.

This project is a live essay that you can navigate with your player by moving with WASD and Space to jump. Get into the elevator to select a new chapter to go to or you can exit to windows from there. The essay is about the growth of video games in Australia in 2016. Pretty interesting statistics and it was a fun project to make. Enjoy!

Install instructions

As with all Unity Projects, Please make sure you extract both the
build0.exe and build0_data to run the game or else it won't work! Also
make sure you are running 64bit Windows 7 or higher.

The executable requires it's data file to run (typically of the same name with _data appended on the end) and won't need installation. It will create a folder in appdata for storing your selected display settings, but other than that it is standalone.

This is a cancelled project, so in the unlikely event that it doesn't work, you can skip this game.


Build0_CUI_Creative_Response.zip 59 MB

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