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This game is the result of 3 weeks work (well 2 weeks + 1 for bug testing) and it's like your average shoot em up bullet hell game, however it has a twist.

Do battle against an an enemy of ever increasing difficulty and set the high score.

Make your own background tiles in game with the dedicated Wizard Game Pattern Editor, accessible by holding 3 fingers on the screen at any time.

Touch to move your character at the bottom of the screen and dodge the incoming projectiles while shooting the enemy. Shooting enemy gains points and delays power level, shown at the top of the screen. Game over if you get hit and lose all 4 lives.


Team members:

Lucky Hawton (Roman) - Sound design, Player movement and scripting.

Aeisha Wilkinson - Art design and implementation.

Shawn Fox - UI, Editor and Script optimization.

Thau Shien Hsu - Enemy AI and bullet scripts.

Jakob Kreck - Facilitator.

Sam Zeid - Facilitator.

Install instructions

Runs best on latest android OS.

Download APK to phone and run apk to install.

Creates 2 files on your phone. A file saving settings and high score and another file storing patterns from the editor.

Support is not provided for this project as it is not intended as a full release.


discowizard.apk 30 MB

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