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This game was created over the span of 3 weeks, and it was super fun to make, despite all of the issues that we went through to get it done.
Ratman is a pacman clone of sorts, however you play as a rat that runs away from cats and various other garden tools and also eat cheese to gain points.
Eat the super cheese to scare away the cats or eat them for extra points.


Left stick to move, pickup cheese to earn points
Collect super cheese to enable the ability to kill cats for a limited time.
Keyboard: ~ to toggle keyboard mode on player 1 only.
WASD to move for player 1 in keyboard mode.

Build Information:

Included are builds for Windows, Mac and Linux. This game was built on PC, tested on PC and Linux, but not Mac.
For Linux builds, a .sh file is included to run the executable. I'm not sure how that stuff works.
You can extract the zip contents to a blank folder, right click on that folder and open a terminal,
then finally drag the .sh file onto the terminal and press enter. Should run as normal.

Linux Lag warning:

⚠Currently, Linux builds are REALLY laggy for some reason.
I'm running a virtual machine and I'm trying to get to the root cause of why it's so laggy.
Might be my virtualization settings. I'm not sure that if you have a linux that they will be laggy for you.

Team members:

Philip Ong - Team manager, modelling and some scripting

Brandan Line - Art, UI design and some modelling and sounds

Shawn Fox - Game manager, Player and Enemy scripts, Lead Programmer.

Jakob Kreck - Facilitator.

Sam Zeid - Facilitator.

Published Jul 11, 2017
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Tagspacman, Top-Down


Ratman.zip 16 MB
Ratman_Mac.zip 30 MB
Ratman_Linux.zip 33 MB

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