Week 1/12 - The Drawing Board.

Blog post. Week 1.  

Hi guys, I’m Shawn. For the past 3 years I’ve been making programs. I tend to make programs related to security and other programs to make tedious tasks on computers easier. I’ve also been making games using an engine called Unity 3D. In this engine I’ve made lots of projects, from sandbox games to 2d topdown survival games. Programming is what I do because I love the thrill of solving puzzles. Programming is like a puzzle because you need to tell a computer to do something, but you only have a limited vocabulary to do so.

Over the past week I’ve been making a game for android phones. I’ve been placed in charge of UI and Optimization on my team and in the past two days and with a lot of hard work, we’ve got about half of the game done. It’s been a challenge and I’m learning new concepts for programming and UI design. I’m using unity’s animation tools to make impressive animated UI and it’s going great. In addition, I’ve also been working to get more familiar with XML and class serialization, so I’ve had a rather interesting week.

Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll continue to upload new videos to YouTube and other networks to keep you guys in the loop of the work I’m doing and hopefully, over time I’m learn enough to make a really great game. My end ambition is to make a pure survival experience in VR, complete with weapons, building and more from all of your favorite games.

This week, I’ve been working mostly on my team’s game called Disco Wizard. It is a bullet hell inspired game where a seeming drab and evil wizard shoots bullets at you and you need to dodge them. My task in this project is mostly UI and Optimization, but I also need to make a texture and a sound file to pass my assessment. Getting hit in the game makes you lose a life and if you lose all 3 lives then it’s game over. Players can also set high scores by shooting the wizard and having the largest score at the end of the game (when you die).

So far, we're ahead of the two other teams in making a game and we've already made half of the game in two days. I think we're doing rather well and this game should be more than ready by week 13.

I’ll see you guys in the next blog, and I’d appreciate it if you guys could share this and tell others about me and the work I’m doing, and in return I’ll provide more updates and make awesome games for you guys.

Cheers and have an awesome rest of your weekend, wherever you are.

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