Week 2/12 - Polishing the game

Hi guys, I'm back and it's week 2, so you know what that means. It's time for another Devlog.

This week was interesting. We spent a lot of time polishing our game and adding a few features to make it look good. My main tasks for this week were to incorporate sounds into the UI. We've made a few new changes to the game such as traps for the player. These bullet traps start as one bullet and then extend in the form of a line and spin around to try and trap the player. Interesting concept. There were a few bugs we've introduced and fixed as a team which saw us work together through the worst of times, even when the project files started going missing and scene files being replaced by unity collab.

I didn't do too much work this week, besides more fixing of the animations and incorporating the UI sounds, so I decided to start my own project. I'm making a game that is similar to minecraft, in that it has the cute portability and fast load times and the building system seen in a few games such as Rust, Fallout 4's settlement editor and Unturned. I want to make a game that is easy to play and allows players to create their own structures. Did I mention that it will be multiplayer? I'll be providing more hints as the weeks progress and as I get more of the game done, but you should know for sure that there will be modding support from the ground up.

Once again, thanks for reading and I hope you have an awesome week wherever you are.

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