Week 8/12 - Decisions.. Decisions

Hi all. I'm back for Week 8's development log.

This week I had my first team meeting as a manager with the other managers. We basically sorted out some of the refinements of the game and started delegating tasks for each team and also deciding some more attributes for each project.

I worked on my VR project again, this time adding bouncy cubes and spheres to the game. I think it's a game at this stage. It is pretty fun. I also added some text components that allow me to debug the controller and see which buttons are pressed. This will allow me to get some more insight over which button mappings work and which ones don't.

In the other teams some were making a few key assets for the game. For our game, which is based on a version of beer pong, we launch the ball using a miniature catapult that can be picked up and interacted with. Players then turn a knob in the side to adjust angle and power.

I've assigned all of my project members to just get familiar with the VR environment and create something to pass the time while we get some key concepts in place.

Another quiet week, but I get a feeling that next week is going to be busy. The project leader is hinting that we're going to get started real soon. I'll see you all in the next week.

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