Week 4/12 - A rat man?

Hi guys, it's a new week and I've been working on a new project as part of my assessments.

So this week and for the remaining two weeks, we are being tasked with making a clone of an old style arcade game such as pacman, asteroids or other popular arcade games and take a unique spin on that game.

After some brainstorming and a few ideas, my team and I decided to go with pacman, as it would be easy to do in the time we had.

We decided to make a game called Ratman, where instead of pacman the player is a rat that eats cheese and runs away from cats and various other garden tools.

This week, I've been laying the ground work for the project including some scripts and tools to make the level design easier and also just making some simple textures and sounds. My team is also working on their own assets as well.

In my CIU class, we are learning about media and the hidden messages that it presents, The media is the message. But what message? and did you get that message? We are looking at different kinds of media or 'texts' such as advertising, YouTube videos, logos and looking at why they are designed that way. We are looking at the colors used to the symbols that make up that logo, or the way a piece of text or even an advert is designed in a particular way to convey a particular message.

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