Week 7/12 - A new project in the making...

Hi guys. I'm back again.

I had an awesome study break where I got started with my super secret multiplayer sandbox game. Oh my what a mouthful. I've been working on this for some time and it's coming along great. I am making use of Trello now so I can track my progress in the development of the game along with setting deadlines. It will also stop me from going rampant and adding way too many features that I can't implement. Coding is fun, but not when you have to read scripts that you wrote a month ago and not one has a single damn comment.

I've also started back at uni again and we received our new project. We need to work together to make a game as a class. A virtual reality game. I've taken on the role of a manager this assignment as I've been a UI designer and a Coder for the last ones, I wanted to try my hand at a management role to see how I go. I've already had a word with my team members and we are going to get started right away.

To get started I made a separate project to get familiar with VR since I've never made a VR game before. I imported the steamVR plugin from unity asset store and jumped on the vive and had a bit of a walk around to see what's what.

After this I then modified one of the scripts responsible for throwing objects that the player picked up and made it so that it sets the prefab it is using to whatever I pick up - You'll have to take a look at SteamVRTestThrow.cs under examples to see what I mean. In next to no time, I was throwing cubes and other shapes around. What fun.

We are still deciding on some of the ideas for the game but basically we've boiled it down to a main arena and 3 minigames that will be our submission as one bulk project.

Other than that it's been rather quiet and starting up on projects mean that there isn't much to report at the moment. Check back next week for yet another awesome blog on awesome stuff.

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